Elie Semoun “doesn’t like going out anymore” since the deconfinement

Elie Semoun

Tired of this strange atmosphere since the beginning of the deconfinement, Elie Semoun testified to his disappointment on Instagram.

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“I don’t like going out anymore”, that’s howElie Semoun expressed anger and dissatisfaction Monday 1er June 2020. The 56-year-old comedian shared his annoyance on Instagram following unfortunate adventures and sad facts since the end of confinement. “Yesterday I was insulted by a woman because my arm had grazed it, in the shops we go around as if there was an invisible wall, in the street we dare not look at ourselves as if it was a potential contamination “Wrote the actor. In a melancholy and nostalgic tone, Elie Semoun regrets the time when there was not yet a pandemic or barrier gestures to be respected.

“When do we meet?”

“I understand fear, but will we be able to live for a long time in this atmosphere of misrepresentations, mistrust, gels and masks? When do we meet? “, He continued. Joyful and welcoming, he who is also a singer suffers from this lack of conviviality and this constant fear in which we live. If he shares pictures of flowers on his social networks and takes care of gardening, this does not replace a moment spent with his loved ones.

A sick father

In March 2020, Elie Semoun confided in the virtual set of “Clique” about his father confined in an Ehpad in Lyon. “Hyper worried”, he was very afraid for his father with Alzheimer’s. “You know there is one who is sick, he passes it on to my father. They fall like dominoes. My father is 88 years old, if that happens, we will be far away, it gives me chills, and my sister too, “he said. “We believe we are immortal, they are the ones who are fragile,” he concluded.

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