Fire broke out on former brewery site

Fire broke out on former brewery site

Around five in the morning a building of the former Holsten brewery caught fire in Hamburg. It was smoking there so badly that the fire department gave a smoke warning.

© Sebastian Peters / imago images / blue light news

A fire broke out on the former site of the Holsten brewery in Hamburg-Altona on Saturday morning. The fire department issued a smoke warning for the Eimsbüttel district. There, residents should keep the windows and doors closed.

The fire started around 5 a.m. on the fourth floor of an empty administration building, it said. Offices and storage rooms caught fire on an area of ​​approximately 20 by 15 meters. As a fire department spokesman announced, there were now around 80 emergency services on site. A train driver of the fire brigade was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

The fire-fighting work should continue into the morning. The police were initially unable to provide any information about the cause of the fire and the amount of damage. Previously, among other things the NDR reported.


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