Flick even found Bayern deficit “good”

Flick even found Bayern deficit

Because Bayern fell behind in Leverkusen, an old Bundesliga record remains untouched. However, Hansi Flick even saw a key to victory in 0: 1.

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Only two wins are still missing: Hansi Flick and Leon Goretzka after the victory in Leverkusen.

Surprisingly, this Bundesliga record is not held by FC Bayern, but by another duo: between 1974 and 1975, Borussia Mönchengladbach, 16 Bundesliga games in a row, was not behind as VfB Stuttgart 2003.

Bayern had recently approached this best value – until Saturday in Leverkusen (4-2) the series broke after 14 games: Lucas Alario already put them behind in the ninth minute.

Flick praises attitude and mentality after the backlog

“We didn’t quite get into the game in the first few minutes,” coach Hansi Flick analyzed afterwards. “So it was a good thing that we were 0-1 behind because the team then just got up, played very aggressively against the ball. Then our game was seen again.”

That his team turned the game according to the initial problems shows their “quality, attitude and mentality”. Led by the very present Leon Goretzka “we pressed hard, had ball wins and switched quickly”, praised Flick.

The waving goal record? For Flick only “accessories”

Now only two wins from the last four games are missing to become champions for the eighth time in a row, regardless of the results of the competition. And another record is also waving: With 90 goals from 30 games already, the self-established record from the 1971/72 season (101 goals) wobbles.

For Flick, however, this is only “accessories”. It’s about winning games and becoming a champion. If the goal record falls as well, Flick is completely unimpressed, “then it’s okay”.

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