Former Top Chef candidate Julien Lapraille before the Dinant Criminal Court

Former Top Chef candidate Julien Lapraille before the Dinant Criminal Court

The former candidate of season 5 of the culinary show “Top Chef” (RTL-TVI and M6), Julien Lapraille, appeared Tuesday morning before the criminal court of Dinant for a case of assault and battery which occurred in March 2017 in Jannée (Ciney) in which he is involved as an accused and as a victim.

The events occurred at the exit of the “Le Trébuchet” nightclub, around 4:00 am. Julien Lapraille had spent the evening there with his cousin and an acquaintance after spending the day at the Horecatel lounge, reserved for Horeca professionals.

“My client came across a cook he knew on the way out. It was then that a couple went out, he was after this cook who was the author of an inappropriate move in the disco .After a discussion, Julien Lapraille and his friends left the scene. There was then an exchange of words between the girl who accompanied him and the other woman. This is where the aggression began. had been beaten and Julien Lapraille tried to flee, “said the cook’s lawyer.

Seeing these people come back to the charge in a second scene, Julien Lapraille would then have pushed the couple’s daughter, who fell to the ground. “His companion then beat him up. Julien Lapraille had to flee.

When he returned to the parking lot, there was a third scene. His attacker punched and then kicked him while he was on the ground, “said his lawyer.

If Julien Lapraille claims to have dealt no blow, his attacker claims the opposite. “During the first kick scene, he punched me. I fell to the ground and did not reply. When my partner found himself on the ground, he kicked him “, explained the defendant.

According to his lawyer, there was a faulty behavior on the part of Julien Lapraille which justifies the excuse of provocation.

In its indictment, the Namur public prosecutor’s office considered that there was not enough objective material element to claim against Julien Lapraille. Eight months in prison were however required against his attacker. Judgment on September 1.


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