Francesco Pannofino and his wife, “dubbing lessons” to the little dog Lucky in the center of Rome

Francesco Pannofino and his wife,

© Barillari
Francesco Pannofino ‘paparazzato’ with his wife in a restaurant in the center of Rome: but it is the little dog that steals the show

Also dogs they can act. He knows something about it Francesco Pannofino, who is teaching his Maltese the art of dubbing and knowing how to stay center stage. The actor who was forced to direct the famous “cursed bitches” in the TV series “Boris” was immortalized by the king of the paparazzi Rino Barillari in the company of his wife Emanuela Rossi while in the center of Rome trains his dog Lucky to pose and interact with some English words.

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The couple and the dog were photographed at the Da Luigi restaurant, in Piazza Sforza Cesarini – near Campo de Fiori – and attracted the attention of passersby. In front of the fans who took the photos, the dog posed and barked at the right time.


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