Gad Elmaleh infected with Covid-19, “with very painful symptoms”

Gad Elmaleh infected with Covid-19,

Guest of “8:30 pm on Sunday”, on France 2, May 31, 2020, Gad Elmaleh told Thomas Sotto to have been affected by the coronavirus. An experience that the humorist and actor will not soon forget and on which he confided by thinking above all of the thousands of people killed by the virus and their families.

Gad Elmaleh fears for his profession as a humorist. What does the future hold for him? His profession is now damaged, but for how long?

Guest of Thomas sotto May 31, 2020, in 8:30 p.m. Sunday (after the JT from France 2), the 49-year-old actor and laughter specialist not only shared his concerns, he also admitted to having been personally affected by the coronavirus. Brought to share his experience of the disease, Gad Elmaleh was at first somewhat embarrassed, having first of all a thought for the more than 28,000 victims of the coronavirus. “It is very delicate, as I say that, I think of those who lost their lives and the thousands of families who are grieving. I think about that first, first of all“he said first.

Then launched in “a more personal register“, the comedian admitted to being afraid when he discovered that he had been infected by Covid-19. It was a painful episode that pushed me“, he said. He considered himself”between“between asymptomatic people and tragic cases,”a position with very painful, very very complicated symptoms“. The former companion of Charlotte Casiraghi then wished to thank the staff of the Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris “and the entire Saint-Antoine hospital emergency team“.

This coronavirus pandemic has necessarily pushed Noah’s dad (19) and Raphaël (6 years old) to review some parts of his show Gad Elmaleh – And elsewhere, by integrating the virus into it. But he does not want to spread too much on the subject and fears that others will go too far on the subject. It remains to be seen when he can return to the stage and under what conditions.


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