George Floyd’s daughter thanks Kanye West for financial assistance

George Floyd's daughter thanks Kanye West for financial assistance

Gianna Floyd had received the incredible gift of having her studies funded thanks to a fund launched by Kanye West. She grabbed her Instagram account to thank him with emotion.


Following the murder of his father on May 25, Gianna Floyd received universal support and a few gifts from certain celebrities. Wednesday June 4, 2020, CNN unveiled the generous donation and the great initiative that proposed Kanye west in launching a study fund for the 6 year old girl. Now Gianna Floyd can dream of a bright future by studying at university. Monday, June 15, she addressed her thanks to the 43-year-old singer via Instagram. On a black background publication is written “Thank you Kanye for providing my university education.” Gianna also left a small message in caption. “Thank you Kanye, because thanks to you I will have access to the university … Mom and I are so grateful to you and your family,” she wrote, mentioning the rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

“He just wanted the best for her”

Thanks to this savings account, Gianna Floyd will be able to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. “I know what I want to be when I grow up. Doctor. So that I can help people, “she said proudly to a reporter on ABC News. Roxie Washington, Gianna’s mother, also spoke about the hope George had for their daughter. “He just wanted the best for her,” she said. “It was her baby. He loved his little girl, ”she added, drying a few tears. When Gianna mentioned her father, she described him as someone who was loving and fun. “She didn’t need to play with anyone else because her father played with her all day,” added her mother.

For a moment, Roxie Washington couldn’t find the words to explain to her daughter the horrible way in which her father had died. “I told him that his father died because he couldn’t breathe,” she said. Malignant in nature, Gianna knew that the situation was serious and particularly important to the people around her. Her mother had locked herself in her room to watch the news when Gianna suddenly opened the door. “She said, ‘Something is wrong with my family. I hear them. I hear them say my father’s name,'” said the mother.

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