He married his Simone – very quietly and quietly

He married his Simone - very quietly and quietly

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Ottfried Fischer

After 13 years of wild marriage Ottfried Fischer (66) gave his partner Simone Brandlmeier the last word on Friday (June 19, 2020). The Passauer Neue Presse reports.

For a long time Ottfried Fischer avoided the red carpets in Germany. Until the Comedy Award 2017. Above in the video you can see the touching appearance of the Bavarian veteran.

The wedding was probably seen on Friday by several people at the Passau registry office – there was no official confirmation from the couple in love to date. In January the two announced that they wanted to get married in the fall, now it was probably the beginning of summer.



Second marriage for Ottfried Fischer

The cabaret artist and actor is best known for his roles as “Der Bulle von Tölz”, “Der Pfundskerl” and “Pfarrer Braun”. In early 2008, he announced that he had Parkinson’s. Simone was always at his side. He has two daughters from his first marriage. It is also the second marriage for Simone Brandlmeier. Fischer and his now wife have been living in Passau since 2017, and he dedicated his biography to them “Home is where the obituaries tell you something”.

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