“How can I explain the inexplicable to my daughter? “


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Touching words. The actress Katherine heigl posted on his Instagram account two long posts to put into words what is currently happening in the United States. Publications illustrated with photos of one of her daughters, Adalaide, adopted in 2012 in the United States when she was still a baby. An 8 year old African American girl who is worried about her mother. She explains, “I can’t sleep. And when I wake up, it’s with one thought in my head. How am I going to tell Adalaide? How am I going to explain the inexplicable to him? How to protect it? “

Katherine Heigl admitted: “It took me far too long to really internalize the reality of the disgusting and horrible truth of racism. My whiteness hid it from me. My education in inclusiveness, love and compassion seemed normal to me. I thought the majority felt like me. I couldn’t imagine a brain that saw someone else’s skin color before anything else. Just a color. I was naive. I was a child. I was blind to those who treated my own sister differently because of the shape of her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Or her thick, gorgeous hair. Or her golden skin. I was a child. Too long. And now I cry. Because what should have changed at that time, forever, is always. Despair seeps in. The fear of not being able to do anything, like a slowly moving poison, spreads through me. “

Animated by “rage”, Katherine Heigl ended up asking for real justice for the culprits of the death of George Floyd.

The former star of “Grey’s Anatomy” and her husband, country singer Josh Kelley have 3 children: Naleigh, their first daughter adopted in South Korea, when she was only 9 months old, Adalaide, and Joshua, a little boy to whom Katherine Heigl gave birth in 2016.


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