How to have a socially distanced (and cool) picnic

How to have a socially distanced (and cool) picnic

The phase two of the deconfinement begins and with it new freedoms rediscovered. The reopening of restaurants (on the terrace only for residents of Ile-de-France), schools but also parks. A crucial announcement for city dwellers who have not had the chance to enjoy the benefits of a private garden. We understood. Besides, the prospect of reunion around the eternal house tabbouleh on a checkered tablecloth gives us shivers of excitement, and images of pure happiness on the grass. In short, we can’t wait.

Only, our enthusiasm has limits. Or more precisely: we have to set limits for it. Because if the numbers go down, the epidemic is not completely wiped out. And security measures remain essential, even in the open air. An essential detail that we can tend to forget between two glasses of rosé (lukewarm) served with cubi.

So how do you eat together in (almost) nature without endangering yourself and others? Here are some tips.

Everyone brings their own snack

The purpose of the picnic is certainly to share dishes concocted by all the members of the assembly, but in exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures. Because the studies are formal: the virus remains for several hours on surfaces. It would therefore be enough for an infected person to touch a bowl to contaminate others.

Rather than distributing who brings what to form a common meal, we ask everyone to plan their own lunch / dinner (food but also covered). Thus, no risk of touching the knife used by five hands not necessarily clean before us to cut a piece of sausage, or to make the whole troop sick by distributing our – famous – potato salad to them. Not very user-friendly, we agree, but we stop at nothing to save lives. Or in any case, avoid damaging it further.

And if you really want to share everything, make it a point of honor that everyone brings their own serving utensils. Prevention is better than cure.

Plan a quiet location

This is not always possible, but if it is a park or an area that you know well, try to choose the least populated areas and the least visited times. Hint: not at half past twelve, or at 7:30 p.m. Opt for a lunch in the early afternoon, which will remind you of your vacation pace. And for the aperitif, go there earlier: 6 p.m. for example, enough to take advantage (in addition) of the last rays.

If you’re celebrating a birthday or planning a romantic date, you can even plan your sunset picnic to find the perfect balance between a comfortable setting and a less crowded place.

Installation side, WHO strongly recommends keep at least a meter away from your loved ones, especially when you don’t live under the same roof the rest of the time. To help respect it, Grazia UK advise to use handbags or backpacks, and plaids, as a guide.

“Once you have chosen a place, bring enough blankets to create a clear space of two meters around the whole group, or you can even opt for a CM2 type play area and place cones or bags in a two meters around you to be even safer. ” Tip that we will sting without hesitation.

Fill up with hydroalcoholic gel

Remember (again) that the return to “normal” is not for now, and that taking precautions is essential. Translation: do not move empty-handed, and get on board to disinfect them. As the parks rarely have washbasins with soap (or at least, not as much as it would be necessary in the event of a pandemic), remember to bring hydroalcoholic gel and a mask for the journey.

If you ever use the toilet, take care not to sit on the seat (at least more than usual), and wash your hands for a minimum of 40 seconds when leaving.

Support local businesses

This last recommendation is for lazy people (us) who don’t want to waste another minute indoors cooking up food – and can afford it. Instead of preparing yet another Greek salad, we go to the local Greek restaurant to order a takeaway. Or at the bar opposite for a beer in a returnable glass.

A way to help establishments that suffered during the health crisis, and which are gradually reopening their doors, and to enjoy a beautiful summer day in complete safety. There is no more !


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