“I was offered a fortune to hurt Ronaldinho”


Fernando Caceres received an indecent proposal: to receive a large sum of money to hurt Ronaldinho.

© Imago Images

Former Argentine central defender, the very rough Fernando Caceres admitted that during his time at Celta Vigo, he was offered 500,000 pesetas to “descend” Ronaldinho during a match against Barcelona.

“We were playing against Barcelona in Vigo and at the first contact Ronaldinho tried to make, I hit him from behind,” Caceres said in an interview with the channel. YouTube “Idolos”.

“I helped him get up and told him I was offered 500,000 pesetas to get it out. He just looked at me and said ‘if you can catch me’.”

“I didn’t go to his scoring anymore. I was scared, he was angry and when he is like that, he is very good; a strong and impressive player.”


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