“I went with my daughter, that shows that we did not have the current information”


Irene Montero

The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has defended its statements after the 8-M demonstration in which he acknowledged that there had been a decrease in the numbers of the mobilizations for fear of the spread of the virus. “There were people from the PP who he also said that fear was worse“he pointed out.

In an interview in La Sexta, Montero has put these statements in context, which occurred in a off the record the day after March 8, and you have recalled that “even the feminist movement itself” recognized that the decrease in the numbers in the mobilization was caused by the coronavirus.

I went to 8-M with my daughter. I think that shows that we did not have the current information, “said the Minister for Equality, who has vindicated the actions of the central executive when taking confinement measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

In this sense, it has admitted that if the Government “had had the information that is currently available”, other decisions would have been made regarding the cancellation of events and mass demonstrations, as is the case of the 8-M, which is even being investigated by a judge.

The head of Equality has acknowledged that she would understand “that the right wing was attacking the Government for the political measures that are being implemented”, although it has qualified that “I do not understand that they come to argue that in this Government there may be murderers, criminals; people who, knowingly that there could be infections, risked the population. ” a lie and absolute indecency“he has asserted.

The Minister for Equality believes that the climate of high tension experienced in politics “does not help” when it comes to reaching consensus and adds that this tension prevents seeing that decisions are also made. ”

You have to do self-criticism and I do self-criticism. I would like to point out that even making self-criticism, it is not the same to say that gender violence does not exist to say that women must be protected so that they are not afraid, “said Montero.

In your opinion, you cannot “leave unanswered” certain claims that you think “violate human rights”, pointing to the extreme right and “a right that increasingly resembles the extreme right” as the main causes of this tension.

Irene Montero has also valued the controversy surrounding the figure of the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for the dismissal of Diego Pérez de los Cobos, defending his cabinet colleague, of whom he said that “has given many and sufficient explanations“of his decision.

The head of Equality has stated that “any minister organizes his teamsThis is so when the PP, the PSOE or the PSOE governs with United We Can in the first coalition government in our history. ”


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