Important forest fire in the Chutes-des-Passes sector

Important forest fire in the Chutes-des-Passes sector

© courtesy Charles Savard
A SOPFEU tanker plane is trying to put out the flames north of Lac-Saint-Jean.

The fire that is ravaging the forest in the Chutes-des-Passes sector north of Lac-Saint-Jean has gained momentum in the past few hours. The fire is still considered out of control.

As of Wednesday morning, the area of ​​the blaze reached almost 3,400 hectares. The fire is just north of Lac D’Ailleboust.

Firefighters from the Society for the Protection of Forests against Fire (SOPFEU) are on the scene. Tankers are also part of the operation.

So far, their efforts have failed to contain the flames.

Tuesday evening, SOPFEU closed chemin des Passes between kilometers 95 and 106 since the fire threatened to reach the road.

More details to come

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