in Marseille, “showing the truth beyond our neighborhoods”

in Marseille,

© Olivier MONGE
Demonstration against police violence in Marseille, Saturday evening.

About 2,600 people marched against racism Saturday night between the Old Port and the police headquarters. Coming from Valence, Hawa Traoré, the twin sister of Adama who died in 2016, joined the rally.

Teenage faces, others whose wrinkles could testify to long years of activism, young parents with their children … Under the shade of the Old Port, the demonstrators begin to flock Saturday evening to Marseille, where the rally is convened to 19 hours. Hawa Traoré, twin sister of Adama Traoré, tells tirelessly the story of his brother who died at the gendarmerie of Persan (Val-d’Oise) after his arrest in Beaumont-sur-Oise in 2016. “For four years nothing has changed”, exasperates the one who came from Valence – where she lives – to demand justice alongside the Marseillais.

Zineb Redouane’s death hangs over the procession

A little behind, her child held against her in a baby carrier, Louise, 35, is here to “That no one in France should be wary, that no one should teach their child that they should be afraid of the police. Me first. This is what black people experience, always in awe. It is unacceptable.” The death of Zineb Redouane also hovers over the procession. The octogenarian died on the 1er December 2018, hit in the face by a tear gas canister while she was at the window of her apartment, during a demonstration of yellow vests. If a recent report exonerates the police, the spirits remain marked by scene violence. “The weapon was used according to the recommendations and the procedures of employment in force in the national police force”, concludes this report, which was brought to justice in May.

Demonstration against police violence in Marseille.

© Olivier MONGE
Demonstration against police violence in Marseille.

Saturday in the procession, in Marseille. Photo Olivier Monge. Myop for Liberation

“The families of the victims are present with us. We don’t want them to be affected too tonight “, warns Fadila, member of the Marseille collective against police violence. Pregnant, the 40-year-old woman leads the procession of 2,600 demonstrators, according to the police: “I would not want my son to be the victim of police violence. That’s why I’m demonstrating. We must make visible the overflows of the police and not only in lower-income neighborhoods. ” In the middle of smoke bombs, Kamel Guemari, 39, wrestling worker at McDonald’s in Saint-Barthélemy, north of the city, continues: “Thanks to videos, we can show the truth beyond our neighborhoods. Today, young people are aware of the violence and are mobilizing. “ Kamel Kadri, 26, salutes the diversity of the procession: “It’s not just blacks and Arabs in the procession, that’s encouraging. These people, by acting on a daily basis, can make a difference. ”

“Continue my tour in several cities in the South”

The two-hour stroll of the procession – from the Old Port to the police headquarters – takes place without violence despite the firecrackers and projectiles launched by some young people. It is only once outside the police headquarters that the tone rises. Three CRS vehicles and around twenty police officers block the protesters who chant: “We are all children of Marseille.” Kneeling, arms raised, they observe a minute of silence before shouting “All Marseille hates the police”, “Police everywhere, justice nowhere” or “No justice, no peace”.

The organizers launch a last call for calm before the end of the walk at 9 p.m. But some continue on their way to the Plaine district, where the atmosphere is tense. Two teenagers burn a garbage can. The facade of a nearby tobacco bar caught fire, but the incident was quickly brought under control by the firefighters. Far from clashes, Hawa Traoré takes the road again: “We are forced to fight for justice. It’s not normal, but we don’t give up. I will continue my tour in several cities in the South to raise awareness. ”

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