It starts to move again in the Old Port

It starts to move again in the Old Port

© Le Soleil, Yan Doublet
La Grande Tablée … Restaurants that take up space by moving into the streets

Finally movement in the Old Port districtA secret that is no longer hidden

The Festibière Backyard has long been a closely guarded secret. Now the place is very popular … a nice problem for the young team.

“In normal times, it’s 50% tourists and 50% local people … This is 100% local. And we’re full every night. It explodes! They rediscover their city. Old Quebec is one of the most beautiful places in the world, people tend to forget it, “said court manager Jocelyn Gagné.

Two staff members use their time only to provide public health instructions: they measure the distance between tables each morning and make sure that all of them disinfect their hands, among other things. If customers refuse, they do not enter the yard.

“The world is understanding, they are super happy to be deconfigured. However, clearly the rules must be repeated. The world wants to get closer. But we are doing well, I have seen other places where the tables were well glued. There are some more delinquent than us. ”

The manager, who is called Joce The Wolf, admits that it is sometimes difficult for his customers to follow the instructions, especially with a few drinks in their noses. The team is not happy to wear a mask at work and take out the gallon to measure, but it will do so as long as the government requires.

“We’re like in a class, we can’t let that go. The important thing is to keep our license and keep it safe. ”

At 1:30 p.m. the courtyard was half full. A few hours later, the tables were all going to be taken to drink a good beer.


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