“It was Vincent Kompany’s main wish”


Sporting Anderlecht has its new field. The grass is still sparse for the moment, but the investment should quickly bear fruit. “It was Vincent Kompany’s only request,” says Karel Van Eetvelt.

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veld anderlecht

Because it is an investment of a million euros that we are talking about. A sacred amount for a club like Sporting, but it was Vincent Kompany who insisted.

“Vincent Kompany wanted land like that of City”

As Karel Van Eetvelt confirms: “When I asked Vincent, in January, what he absolutely wanted, he directly told me that he wanted a field on which we can develop good football. It was his main wish and that’s why we made such an investment. ”

An investment which also suits the philosophy that Sporting wants to develop: from a financial point of view, priority will always be given to the sporting aspect. “This is what we want to build our future success on,” added the Sporting CEO. And it is therefore on a quality lawn that the Mauves hope to regain their status as the largest club in the country. “Vince wanted land like Manchester City and got it.”


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