“It worries that they force the passage of our children to ordinary centers”


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Special education

Two hundred people, including parents, teachers and the students themselves with intellectual disability, have concentrated this Tuesday in front of Congress in defense of Special education. The act has served as a protest against the educational reform bill that is being processed in the lower house.

Convened by the Inclusive Education platform Yes, Special Also, attendees have challenged the high temperatures in the early afternoon and have demanded the withdrawal of certain sections of the so-called Celaá Law. Provisions that, they assure, “seriously violate the rights of people with special educational needs.”

“We are deeply concerned about the intention of some parties to force the transit of our children to ordinary centers, without taking into account the superior good of the minor,” he said. Roberto Chinchilla, actor in the film Champions and in charge of reading the manifesto. “Special Education schools are a legitimate way for inclusion. They are specific and specialized centers that provide a personalized response and guarantee the necessary supports for each boy, girl and young person,” he continued.

Minister Isabel Celaá has repeatedly denied that its intention is to close Special Education centersbut after meet her on May 26, those responsible for the platform reaffirmed their rejection of the reform. Far from leaving the meeting more relaxed, these families concluded that the objective is to turn specialized schools into mere support centers for ordinary schools and that their survival and ability to serve the same number of students is not guaranteed.

These parents criticize that there is no feasibility plan to provide ordinary schools with the necessary resources to assist students with disabilities, as well as for educational administrations to be able to “change from one modality to another a student with special educational needs, contrary to the opinion of parents and even against the opinion of the student himself. ”

The platform then called those affected to move the protest to the street in a civic way and with the concentration of this Tuesday they have continued those carried out on June 17 in Valladolid and León.


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