Kelly Vodevelli finds two “college buddies” on the game board (VIDEO)

Kelly Vodevelli finds two

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Take it or leave it: Kelly Vodevelli finds two “college friends” on the game board (VIDEO)

The world is small and this Thursday evening, Kelly Vedovelli confessed to knowing two candidates to take or leave. During the game, she decides to give them a little surprise live.

Little surprise for the twinsTake it or leave it. For a few days, Akgun and Adnan have joined the big C8 family and they hope to win the 250,000 euros from the famous boxes. The two candidates will have to be patient, because this Thursday, June 4, it was Aurélien’s turn to face the Pince (alias the banker) and this famous game of luck. Despite this little disappointment, the twins were allowed a visit from Kelly Vedovelli, a young woman they know very well because they were classmates in college! “I was shocked because I found college friends in the cast, the twins“, the columnist had announced a few minutes earlier on the show C that kif.

“It’s been at least 10 years …”

Cyril Hanouna was not going to lose this great opportunity for his new game. “The two of you, where were you at school? Isn’t there a girl in your school? Well, she’s here tonight, it’s Kelly“, he announced on the set ofTake it or leave it, while Kelly Vedovelli made a sensational entry on the set. “It’s been at least 10 years that we haven’t seen each other and it was too nice to see you on the air. And I just wanted to tell you that 91 is good luck and that I hope you are going to be as lucky as the others, whether it be rappers, singers, TV people … And really, I wish you all the happiness“, wanted to clarify the columnist.

A great encouragement

The host took advantage of these tender reunions to take the temperature on their romantic situation. Adnan who “was in love with Kelly“is single today; enough to make Cyril Hanouna dream for the rest of the season. If a few days ago, Internet users were unhappy with the duration of the program, viewers are still as passionate about the mechanics of the game that has existed since 2004 – at the era presented by Arthur. Last night, the show broke its record earnings by delivering 100,000 euros from a box to his candidate; a sum which makes dream the candidates still in the running.

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