Knife attack in a park in England

Knife attack in a park in England

© Steve Parsons / The Associated Press
Police arrive at Forbury Gardens in central Reading, England, after being called in for a “serious incident”.

Several people were stabbed Saturday in a park in the city of Reading, in the south of England. The incident was described as “seriousBy the head of the municipal council.

The Telegraph Three people died and two others were hospitalized in critical condition, but police have yet to confirm.

However, the police said they arrested a man at the scene.

The attack is believed to have occurred around 7 p.m. at Forbury Gardens. According to witnesses, a man attacked several groups gathered in the park.

A security perimeter has been set up, with the police calling on the public to “avoid the area

Interior Minister Priti Patel said she was deeply concerned about the reports of the incident.

As for the National Council of Chiefs of Police, which represents senior police officers, it asked people on Twitter to avoid speculation about the incident and to refrain from sharing videos or images of it. .

Video footage posted on Twitter shows caregivers rushing to help at least three bleeding people on the ground.

The events occurred near the place where, earlier today, a demonstration of the movement was held Black Lives Matter, but the organizers believe that there is no link, since none of the people who took part in the demonstration were affected.

We were gone when it happened“Organizer Nieema Hassan said in a video on social media.
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