Kristen Steward as Lady Di

Kristen Steward as Lady Di

The American star will play the late princess in a future film. But the choice of actress for this role is debated …

American actress Kristen Stewart (left) will play Lady Di in the film, “Spencer”, which will begin shooting in early 2021.

Kristen Stewart is going to be a big challenge. The 30-year-old actress will play the late Princess of Wales in the film “Spencer”, which will hit theaters in 2021. The story takes place in the early 1990s, during a critical weekend during which Lady Di realizes that her marriage to Prince Charles is a failure and that she must change the course of her destiny.

The director of this future feature film, the Chilean Pablo Larraín, is in a hurry to put in images what Diana Spencer felt. “We all grew up, at least people of my generation, knowing what a fairy tale was. But when a person refuses to become queen and says, “I would rather go and be myself,” it is a huge decision. This story is a fairy tale upside down and that is what is at the heart of the film, “he tells the site. Deadline.

However, the fact that he chose the American star revealed by “Twilight” to interpret Lady Di is debated on the Net. “What’s wrong? Couldn’t he hire a British actress? ” rebelled a surfer. “There were lots of English actresses who would have been much better than her for this role. Princess Diana was classy. Kristen is not. They don’t even look alike! ” added another. For their part, fans of Robert Pattinson’s ex defended him, as did the filmmaker who said that Kristen was “one of the greatest actresses of today”.


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