Laura Escanes reappears on Instagram after having a breast surgery

Laura Escanes reappears on Instagram after having a breast surgery

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Laura Escanes

Laura Escanes He had days in off mode on his social networks. Although he kept sharing things, less appeared and his notable absence was already starting to generate all kinds of comments. Thus, the young influencer has decided to take the step of telling the reason for her brief ‘disappearance’ from Instagram and it is none other than a chest operation.

“I did not know whether to make these stories, it is a very personal matter,” the wife of Risto Mejide started telling this afternoon in her Instagram stories, where she appeared with a dressing in the canalillo area. “I feel like hiding it is like cheating or not telling the truth, a few days ago I had surgery on my chest and I have already spent the first night at home“said the young woman visibly tired but happy.

Laura Escanes

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Laura Escanes

Laura Escanes has always been comfortable with her body, in all stages and changes that he has experienced, especially after the pregnancy of his daughter Roma, who was born 8 months ago. However, having surgery on his chest was something that was around his head and he has finally taken the step: “I had spent many years wondering whether to do it to myself, but after the pregnancy the doubts and desire increased considerably. I have been visiting several doctors until I decided on a doctor who perfectly understood what I wanted. “” It is an important decision and something very serious, it has its risks, that’s why I was thinking for so long. Now it hurts a little but everything is going very well. “

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With a certain fear of criticism, the influencer, who has not given more details of her operation, has recalled that everyone is free to do with their body what they want “from freedom”. “I have always been an advocate for everyone to do what they want with their bodies and always when they have decided so and not under pressure from anyone. Now I will turn off the phone, I need calm, tranquility and that recovery is as quick and easy as possible possible. I’m even nervous“, he finished conscious that his haters will not take in reacting.

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