“Local reconfiguration is possible in Belgium”


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Yves Van Laethem: “Local reconfiguration is possible in Belgium”

The majority of the indicators of the epidemic in Belgium remain encouraging, but a slight increase in the number of contaminations with the coronavirus is to be noted. With a daily average of 92 new infections last week (compared to 87 on average for the previous week), an increase of 6% is recorded. According to Yves Van Laethem, interviewed by La Libre, it is too early to speak of containment: “For the moment, there is no reason to return to confinement unless really a big wave occurs but it is not at all the case. It’s really very unlikely. If he comes back in force in the fall or winter, we will reassess the situation. ”

But if a new outbreak were to occur, a local quarantine could be imposed, with certain conditions. “A local reconfiguration is envisaged. It would look like what we see in other countries that have had to deal with a rebound from the virus. A working group is working on it and a report will be published during the month of July. What we can say is that we have to expect that all of a sudden there will be a series of localized measures for a number of things, such as making the wearing of a mask compulsory in stores in the areas in question and possibly ban gatherings or general events. These are things that were seen in Beijing in certain neighborhoods before it was extended to the city. In these localized areas, cafes and restaurants would close or close earlier. The mask would also be compulsory depending on the boroughs and we would then restrict reopening to the largest groups, ”reveals the spokesperson.


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