Majority believes they have the right to conversations without tracking, says Datafolha

Majority believes they have the right to conversations without tracking, says Datafolha

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Survey shows that, for Brazilians, internet platforms should not require identity document to create accounts

A survey carried out by Datafolha from 22 to 25 June shows that 75% of Brazilians say they believe that people have the right to have a private online conversation without their messages being tracked. Another 23% said they did not believe that people have this right, and 2% did not know how to answer.

To the survey, commissioned by Facebook, 67% of Brazilians stated that it is more important to quickly remove harmful content identified by internet companies than to provide users who have posted such content time to defend themselves in advance.

For 28% of respondents, the most important thing is that people can defend themselves before any removal of online content, and 5% did not know how to respond.

Datafolha heard 1,517 people in the 5 regions of the country. The margin of error is 3 percentage points, up or down.


The latest text from Bill 2630/2020, pending in the Senate, proposes to oblige apps of messages like WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram, to monitor the messages of all users and to keep records of forwarded messages for 3 months, including the users’ contact information, date and time of forwarding, and the total number of people who received the message .

The PL also establishes the requirement to confirm the identification of all users, including by presenting a valid identity document, for the use of social networks and messaging services.

In the Datafolha survey, 67% of respondents responded that they were against the obligation to provide more personal data, such as identity documents, to create an account on social networks.

Another 31% of respondents said they agreed with the obligation to provide more data to internet companies, and 2% were unable to answer.



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