Measures to support residents of neighborhoods during the summer

Measures to support residents of neighborhoods during the summer

Bobigny, in May 2018.

The Minister of Housing and the City, Julien Denormandie, announced on Monday several measures in support of children and adults in vulnerable neighborhoods that the health crisis has still shaken.

Rise in unemployment and partial unemployment, collapse of resources from precarious jobs (fixed-term contract, temporary work, etc.), collapse of informal incomes: the economic situation of the inhabitants of urban policy districts has considerably deteriorated with the health crisis . During the same period, hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents from underprivileged backgrounds dropped out of school after the schools closed and lack of people able to provide them with educational assistance at home. Finally, tensions between the police and the inhabitants are recurrent. All of this suggests a difficult summer in the troubled neighborhoods where 1.3 million young people live.

The government therefore seeks to anticipate, to prevent. Already, at the end of last week, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced the device “Learning vacation” including the operation “Open school” during the summer, which consists of welcoming one million young people who cannot leave to school, to offer them academic support, combined with fun, sporting and cultural activities.

“Learning colonies”

Monday morning, the Minister of Housing and the City, Julien Denormandie, revealed several other measures in favor of children and residents of neighborhoods. For the youngest will be launched the operation “learning colonies” which is added to the device “open school”. Objective: take to vacation centers located outside their department of residence “250,000 children including 200,000 from neighborhoods” clarified the minister. These holidays “Lasting five to ten days” Here again, education-tutoring, culture and sport are combined.

The “Local authorities will be the prime contractors” of these learning camps, said the minister. It is up to them to list the offers made available by operators such as the UCPA (National Union of Outdoor Sports Centers), the Education League, the SOS group and others, to send children living their territories. Some municipalities or departments have their own summer camps. The state has provided funding for the operation up to“80 million euros from the budget of the Ministry of Housing and the City” said Julien Denormandie. This envelope would cover 80% of the cost (and sometimes up to 100%) of the stays of the 250,000 children concerned.

Relay adult positions

Another measure: an envelope of an additional 5 million euros (in addition to the 5 million already mobilized during confinement) will be released to come to the aid of neighborhood associations, which are doing a job of“Hyperproximity” for children and young people (tutoring, activities, etc.) or dependent or isolated people. In addition, 1,500 additional positions of relay adults working in associations will be created. By means of integration contracts, those hired carry out local social and cultural mediation missions in the neighborhoods.

Finally, 30 “France service buses” will crisscross the city’s political districts during the summer. “These are sort of mobile utility houses” who come to meet the inhabitants to help them in their administrative procedures, to fight in particular against the non-use of certain rights.

Regarding work, the platform which lists in particular jobs for sectors in tension or seasonal jobs was launched a few weeks ago by the Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud. In the districts of the city policy, all the relays (communities, associations, CCAS) will be responsible for publicizing this tool, its use to help the inhabitants to find a job.


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