Meghan expresses a moving video message about police violence and racism

Meghan expresses a moving video message about police violence and racism

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Duchess Meghan shared an emotional video message. In it, she comments on police violence and the fight against racism

Duchess Meghan has broken her silence and has now publicly commented on the murder of George Floyd, racism and the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Her video message was actually aimed at graduates from her former school, but the speech is now going viral on social networks.

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It was a very special surprise – the Immaculate Heart High School 2020 in Los Angeles, which Meghan also attended as a teenager, received congratulations from the Duchess in person at her virtual ceremony. But that was not all, because Prince Harry’s wife also used the moment to comment on the current events and their own experiences: “I wanted to say the right thing and I was very nervous that I would not do it or that my words to be taken out of context and I realized that the only thing I could do wrong is to say nothing. ”

In her almost six-minute speech, it became emotional when she honored George Floyd and other police Americans killed by the police and then addressed the senior class directly: “The first thing I want to say is that I am sorry. It does I’m sorry that you have to grow up in a world where everything is still present. I was eleven or twelve years old when there were riots in Los Angeles that were also triggered by a senseless act of racism. ” There are pictures and memories that she can not forget: “I remember how I hurried home and on the way home saw how ash fell from the sky, how I smelled the smoke and saw how the smoke came from houses how people with bags ran and looted out of buildings and I remember seeing men with guns and guns in the back of a van. “

Duchess Meghan’s moving words

In her speech, Meghan also said that it is inconceivable for her that her experience will now be relived in a different form. “You should have an understanding of it, but because of a history lesson – not as your reality. I’m sorry we didn’t make the world a place the way you deserve it.”

But the 38-year-old is also full of hope. Because then as well as today, the Duchess sees many people and communities who come together, support each other and are part of the movement. She emphasized: “You can now be part of the reconstruction. And I know that people sometimes say: ‘How often do we have to reconstruct?’ You know, we’re going to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild until it is rebuilt, because if the foundation is broken, we’ll all be broken. ”

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