Messi, the impossible dream of the owner of Fiorentina

Messi, the impossible dream of the owner of Fiorentina

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Leo, the dream of the owner of Fiorentina

Businessman, millionaire and for a few months at the helm of the Fiorentina Rocco Commisso, an Italian who emigrated as a child to the United States where a successful business career was built, has not hesitated to publicly acknowledge that Leo Messi is his dream … impossible.

A year after acquiring the Fiorentina property, Commisso has not hidden that he has several dreams for his club, but “Messi is the strongest dream of all.” A statement that is no more than a declaration of intention, without further ado. “I would like to, but it has unattainable costs”, the Italian-American businessman added seriously.

Rocco Commisso, however, had no problem explaining that Fiorentina’s real wishes are focused on “Federico Chiesa, Gaetano Castrovilli and Dusan Vlahovic become the flags of Fiorentina”. The reality is, therefore, very different.

Linked to the telecommunications industry, a few days ago he unveiled in the ‘Corriere dello Sport’ the reasons that led him to acquire Fiorentina. “In the United States they ask me why I did it. Soccer was always my love and now everyone recognizes that I have never been so happy as before. And it is Commisso has not hesitated to recognize that! I want Fiorentina to become a point of arrival and not a way for the players. ”


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