Mexico to resume sending seasonal workers to Canada

Mexico to resume sending seasonal workers to Canada

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Canada and Mexico have reached an agreement to again allow temporary agricultural workers to be dispatched to Canadian farms.

Canada and Mexico have reached an agreement to again allow the sending of temporary Mexican workers to Canadian farms.

The government of Mexico announced Tuesday that it stop letting other seasonal workers go until light is shed on the deaths of two of them from COVID-19 in Ontario.

At least two mexican workers died in Canada and hundreds of others have contracted coronavirus in recent weeks from agricultural businesses across the country.

The increase in cases has forced Mexico to temporarily ban seasonal workers from flying to Canada. A decision that caused a shock wave among farmers who depend on this foreign workforce.

Mexico City says it has obtained guarantees from Canada to provide more protection for workers.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Mexican government says the Canadian government has committed to increasing the number of inspections and providing more support to workers and Mexican authorities to identify and report unsafe working conditions.

A joint working group made up of representatives of the two states must also examine the issues related to the conditions of these temporary workers.

In a letter to the Ambassador of Mexico to Canada, the Minister of Employment, Carla Qualtrough, committed to ensuring the safety of these people whose work is essential to the food security of Canadians.

In particular, Ottawa plans to assess all cases of outbreaks in agricultural businesses in order to identify the necessary changes. It is also suggested to increase the frequency of inspections in establishments located in regions affected by new outbreaks.

The federal government also promises to communicate with all agricultural producers who host Mexican workers to ensure that they comply with public health prevention guidelines.

Severe sanctionsWill be imposed on farmers who put the health of foreign workers at risk, the minister promised in her letter.
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