Montagny gets bogged down in trouble, the Prefect orders an investigation

Montagny gets bogged down in trouble, the Prefect orders an investigation

The mentorship started last fall was not enough: the municipal executive is still struggling and has just registered two new resignations.

© Wikimedia – Lutz Fischer-Lamprecht
A view of the town of Montagny.

The Prefect of Broye opens an administrative investigation against the Municipal Council of Montagny (FR) and its administration. It is a question of examining the operation as a whole, whereas the municipality of 2000 inhabitants already benefited from a mentoring since September.

The measure is also necessary to guarantee the establishment of favorable framework conditions for the advancement of two “essential” projects for the town, namely the construction of a sports center and a school center, said on Tuesday the prefecture. The decision was announced on Monday during a meeting with members of the executive.

The administrative investigation is aimed at detecting possible shortcomings, determining the causes and proposing the measures necessary to remedy them, the statement said. “It is indeed important to ensure the proper functioning of the municipality and ultimately to restore the confidence of citizens in their authorities.”

The Prefect of Broye, Nicolas Kilchoer, had ordered in September an accompanying measure for the Communal Council of Montagny, plagued by difficulties. The initial measure of appointment of a mentor was to allow the prefecture to make a “fair assessment” of the situation prevailing within the executive. It also involved supporting and advising the municipal executive in carrying out its administrative tasks.

Cascading resignations

But this coaching was in vain. Despite a temporary improvement, two resignations of municipal councilors, effective June 30, further complicated the situation.

The difficulties encountered by Montagny are not an isolated case in the canton of Friborg, where the elective functions give rise to a number of concerns, linked to the complexity of public management. At the beginning of December, the state of Friborg presented new support measures to respond to a cascade of resignations that occurred during the current legislature.


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