moved, this trader discovers the extent of the damage (video)

moved, this trader discovers the extent of the damage (video)

The desolation of the traders in the center of Brussels this Monday. They found their vandalized shops, looted, on the sidelines, Sunday evening, of the great demonstration against racism and police violence. The turn of events is detrimental to this movement, which was nevertheless peaceful.

For its reopening, a restaurant in Ixelles wanted everything to be perfect, but yesterday’s thugs almost overturned its plans. After the demonstration, vandals attacked restaurants in Place Saint Boniface.

Residents of Matongé intervened to protect the businesses. In the end, a broken display case does not prevent the resumption of activities for the restaurant that we filmed.

“It was a bad surprise yesterday. We fully support the Black Lives Matter demonstration but for the peaceful side”, indicates the manager.

For other businesses in the Chaussée d’Ixelles, the losses are considerable. A jewelry store was robbed. 30,000 euros of goods were stolen. For traders, it’s time to repair, clean up and estimate losses.

“They first broke the front door before setting fire to the trash cans that were in the store. They then entered the store and stole some products”, explains the manager.

The mayor of Ixelles came to realize the extent of the damage. Yesterday, he was there during the tensions. He even tried to deter the looters, to no avail.

“Despite the fact that I am there and that I can try to dialogue, there was a group that came for an act of vandalism”, he regrets.

The luxury stores at Porte de Namur were not spared. For traders, it is the misunderstanding and the impression that the thugs have free rein. “There is emotion because seeing his shop in this state hurts. We said it was peaceful then it degenerated. I did not expect it. I do not understand why, we authorized a demonstration of 10,000 people “, says the manager.

Damage that did not deter customers this morning. While the cleaning work is being organized, the lines are getting longer again in front of the stores.