new details on his secret wedding

new details on his secret wedding

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Actors have been for 13 years Ottfried Fischer (66) and Simone Brandlmeier (49) a perfect team, go through thick and thin together and overcome every hurdle. Even when the “Bull of Tölz” was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008, Simone was rock solid. Last Friday (June 19) the dream couple very secretly, quietly and quietly said “yes”.

Ottfried Fischer was not a fan of appearances on the red carpet for a long time. He made an exception for the 2017 Comedy Prize. Above in the video you can see the touching appearance of the TV legend.

“We decided at the beginning of the Corona period to get married,” Ottfried Fischer told the “Bild” newspaper, “I always knew that I wanted to marry Simone. But the sign of solidarity became particularly important to us because of the Corona crisis . ” On June 19, the time had come: At the registry office in Passau, Bavaria, the dream couple married in the presence of only 15 family members and closest friends – they in a dream of white with a sexy back neckline and he in a chic dark suit. The two had the rings made by a long-established goldsmith from Passau.

The singer Dave Kaufmann performed at Ottfried Fischer’s wedding



Of course, the corona regulations were also observed during the subsequent celebration. “We paid careful attention to the corona protection of ourselves and our guests,” asserts the TV legend and adds with a smile: “In order to avoid misunderstandings, we have put off the mouthguard when I say yes.” Despite Corona, the mood was huge. According to the “tz”, the Munich singer Dave Kaufmann (50), son of the actor Günther Kaufmann († 64), even performed. “It was an honor for me to be there. It was a nice event in very small circles,” commented the entertainer on Instagram with a snapshot of the happy bride and groom, whose motto “late happiness drives away the withered leaves” adorned the wedding cake.



Ottfried Fischer and Simone Brandlmeier had originally planned a large wedding party with over 100 guests at the Hotel Orphée in Regensburg, including many prominent guests. It is said to be made up for next year in May. But now it’s off to the honeymoon. “We’ll be going to the mountains shortly,” reveals the newly-groom.

Michael Wendler (48) and Laura Müller (19) also got married on June 19, but in Florida. In the video below her Laura’s wedding dress:

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