No more! Complaints will be filed against those who simulated energy contracts

No more! Complaints will be filed against those who simulated energy contracts

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The federal president said that the delivery of those contracts caused damage to the public finances. Photo:

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that complaints will be filed against whoever is responsible for simulate the delivery of energy contracts.

On the resource of energy companies admitted by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) explained that in most cases the “contracts were fraudulently made

A secondary law that cannot be above the constitutional mandate was reformed, to begin the privatization of the electricity industry, these contracts were fraudulently made. ”

López Obrador assured that frauds were committed for a long time, “Beginning because contracts were delivered to individuals to generate electricity when the constitution did not allow it

The federal president said that lThe delivery of these contracts caused damage to the public finances“We are not complicit, we are not going to cover up acts of corruption.”

There was fraud of simulated operations for 93 thousand mp

Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, Head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) said that complaints were filed against 43 billing companies they presented operations simulated for 93 billion pesos, which stopped paying 24 thousand 583 million pesos of Income Tax (ISR) and 11 thousand 396 million pesos of Value Added Tax (VAT).

He explained that in the last 10 years companies dedicated to invoicing have carried out simulated or fictitious operations.

With these invoices 8 thousand 212 companies and people participated and allowed to evade a total of 55 thousand 125 million pesos tax to 244 “clients”.

Given this, prosecutor Carlos Aranda warned that “the party is over

“The message being sent today is that the party is over; we have to pay taxes, comply with our fiscal obligations … There is no perfect crime, we are going to demonstrate it, we are going to get to the heads,” he added.

The simulated operations were carried out mainly in the services sector, to decrease the payment of taxes or pay illegal activities. Given this, the SAT will send letters to taxpayers to regularize their tax situation.
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