Norbert Tarayre, father for the 4th time, reveals his baby’s face

Norbert Tarayre, father for the 4th time, reveals his baby's face

PHOTO – Norbert Tarayre, dad for the 4th time, reveals his baby’s face

On Instagram, Norbert Tarayre announced the birth of his fourth child, a little boy. He took the opportunity to post a snapshot full of tenderness with his son.

Nice news: Norbert Tarayre has announced the birth of his fourth child! It is through an Instagram photo full of tenderness that the chef cooks, revealed by the show Top chef, unveiled the happy event. We can see him bending over the newborn. “My little prince has arrived “, he writes in caption on this June 10 post. “It arrived on Mother’s Day … 07/06/2020”, he specifies. A beautiful coincidence. After only three hours online, the snapshot already has more than 12,000 likes.

The cook had already used Instagram to publicize the pregnancy of his partner Abi. On April 28, 2020, in full containment, he posted a small humorous video mixing family spirit and cooking. While we see the whole family enjoying a cake prepared together, the future mother reveals, at the end, her rounded belly on which was written two slices of cake for me, accompanied by a hashtag babyboy. A way for them to share their happiness.

Norbert Tarayre: dad for the fourth time

This child is the fourth, and first little boy, of Norbert Tarayre. The television man is already father of three daughters, Gayane, Laly and Aliya, he had with his former wife, Amandine Tarayre. Married in 2006, the couple revealed their separation last March. Amandine and I, we would like to announce our separation which happened a few months ago, he explained. (…) We took our time before announcing it publicly, for the well-being of our families, loved ones and especially our daughters. Everyone is fine and everything is going well between us. “

He then revealed that he had found love again, without revealing who it was: “Since then, we have each rebuilt our lives and we sometimes see each other with our respective spouses”, he declared then. It was in a live with David Lantin that he confirmed that his new partner was none other than his makeup artist Abi, reports Purepeople. Today, they are fulfilled parents.


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