Norwegians have excavated the first Viking ship in 100 years

Norwegians have excavated the first Viking ship in 100 years

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Excavations of a Viking ship have begun in Norway. The sensational find was made 2 years ago on a trunk road near Halden in the south of the country. It was hidden under a burial mound along with the ruins of houses. Norwegian Environment Minister Sveinung Rotevatn: “It is huge, we are digging up Norwegian history here. We will learn new things. It is the first Viking ship in 100 years that we have been excavating.” Archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) discovered the ship and a large number of burial mounds and historic longhouses with a high-resolution georadar. Initial investigations indicate that the ship dates from the early Viking age. The cultural heritage research project manager Christian Løchsen Rødsrud: “We will find the remains of a completely new Viking ship. It will not look like the one we know. We will be able to shed new light on shipbuilding from this time.” The find is located just below the top floor, at a depth of about 50 cm. Digital data shows that at least the lower part of the 23 to 24 meter long ship should be well preserved for posterity.


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