Opening of gyms in phase 2: regulations, capacity and restrictions

Opening of gyms in phase 2: regulations, capacity and restrictions

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During sports, fans of sports practice had to settle for outdoor activities or sports centers that offer individualized services and always by appointment. However, in phase 2 it is already possible to access indoor facilities such as gyms for exercise.

In any case, this stage of de-escalation continues to maintain restrictions on the use of these sports spaces. Thus, the prohibition to carry out activities that involve physical contact and the need to request an appointment to go to these places continues in force. In addition, the managers of the gyms must guarantee in all cases that the safety distances of two meters between people in their centers are met.

Capacity limitation

The Government set the maximum capacity for gyms in phase 2 at 30% of the capacity of the sports facilities of these premises. There are no time limits for exercising in gyms beyond those stipulated by the establishments themselves, although shifts should be established to avoid risks of infection.

Also, and unlike what happened in phase 1, At this stage, athletes are allowed to access the changing rooms, always respecting the rules of prevention and hygiene, so it is possible to change clothes after exercising in these facilities.

General rules

-The gyms must guarantee compliance with the safety distance by separation of machines, ground marking, the obligation to use alternative machines (one in use and the next one not) and surveillance by center staff.

-It is necessary remove the fingerprint or any other physical contact in the access controls.

-The card payment to avoid contact with coins and bills.

The water sources must be sealed, promoting the individual use of water bottles or isotonic drinks.

-Should be keep the doors open access to sports spaces.

-There has to be one permanent ventilation in all spaces open to the public.


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