Palamara expelled from the National Magistrates Association

Palamara expelled from the National Magistrates Association

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He has committed serious and repeated violations of the code of ethics: this is why the National Association of Magistrates decreed the expulsion of the Roman prosecutor Luca Palamara, investigated in Perugia for corruption. It is the first time that such a drastic measure has been taken against a former president of the ANM. «I apologize to the many colleagues who are out of the current system, who will inevitably have been shocked by the wave of flood that unjustly risks overwhelming that industrious and alien judiciary from the media limelight. For them I am willing to resign but only if there is a collective awareness and if together with me all those who are part of this system will resign. I will not be a system scapegoat. ” Luca Palamara says it in a memo. «I will not escape the political responsibilities of my work for having accepted increasingly questionable ‘rules of the game’. But it must be clear that I never acted alone. It would be too easy to think this », underlines the magistrate in the memory that he would have liked to present to the central steering committee of the ANM.

The central steering committee of the ANM unanimously rejected the request of the Roman prosecutor Luca Palamara to be heard. The “parlamentino” of the robes has pronounced on the request of the college of probiviri to expel him from the ANM, of which Palamara was president in the past. Just a few days ago Palamara asked to be listened to in order to clarify his position. But the Central Steering Committee felt that this hearing could not be done because it is not foreseen in its statute. The audition can only take place in front of the board of probivirs, before which Palamara never showed up. Palamara’s reaction lasts: «I was denied the right to speak. Not even in the Inquisition. ” So the former president of the ANM comments on the Association’s decision not to listen to him, before proceeding to the vote on his expulsion.


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