Prosecutor Finds Out Resignation By Reading News Release

Prosecutor Finds Out Resignation By Reading News Release

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Geoffrey Berman New York Southern District Federal Prosecutor

The Trump administration continues its controversial cleansing in American justice, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

Friday night, U.S. Secretary of Justice William Barr announced the resignation of prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who notably oversaw the indictment of Michael Cohen, the ex-lawyer of Donald Trump sentenced to three years in prison in December 2018.

Now Mr. Berman learned his “resignationBy reading the official press release. “I have not resigned and have no intention of resigningSaid Berman immediately in his own press release.

I will resign when a candidate nominated by the president is confirmed by the Senate. Until that time, our investigations will continue without interruptionAdded the federal prosecutor for the New York Southern District, who also led the investigation into the efforts of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s current personal lawyer, and two of his associates to discredit the likely opponent of Donald Trump in the presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden.

Attorney General’s announcement of resignation comes days after allegations were made by former Donald Trump national security adviser John Bolton that the president had attempted to interfere in an investigation by the New York’s southern district on the Halkbank, a Turkish bank, with the aim of concluding agreements with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The official statement from the Ministry of Justice indicates that President Trump was going to appoint Jay Clayton, the current head of the American stock market policeman, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to replace him.

Politicization of Justice

This reshuffle is likely to raise additional questions from Democrats in Congress who accused William Barr of politicizing the Department of Justice and acting more like Donald Trump’s personal lawyer than the country’s chief justice.

Since the US president got rid of his former justice minister Jeff Session and replaced him with William Barr, several officials responsible for overseeing government action have been sacked in the controversy.

US Diplomacy Inspector General Steve Linick, fired in mid-May by Donald Trump, said the State Department knew it was investigating two potentially embarrassing files for Minister Mike Pompeo at the time. close to the president.

Berman’s predecessor Preet Bharara, who had himself been sacked after refusing to resign as requested by Mr. Trump, wondered on Twitter Friday “why a president gets rid of the prosecutor he chose in the southern district of New York on a Friday evening, less than five months before the presidential election
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