PT asks TCU to investigate retention of funds to combat covid-19

PT asks TCU to investigate retention of funds to combat covid-19

© Lula Marques / PT Agency
Party politicians demand audit of resources to combat covid-19

PT congressmen in the Chamber and in the Senate called the TCU (Federal Court of Accounts) last Friday (26.20.2020) demanding that the Court analyze the low execution of resources destined to the federal government to fight the pandemic.

The politicians’ complaint mentions that the National Health Council presented a bulletin with the results of the analysis of the budgetary execution of the actions for the covid-19 whose result shows that the government remains slow in passing on the benefits of the emergency.

Petistas argue that the set of provisional measures signed to face the pandemic totals R $ 38.9 billion. Despite this, they say, 100 days after the 1st MP was issued, the amounts paid totaled only R $ 11.5 billion, corresponding to 30% of the appropriation authorized to face the public health emergency.

Resource retention “Has confessed political goals”, say the petitioners.

“By not prioritizing the fight against the pandemic, Bolsonaro wastes public resources, disrupting the economy and precarious public health. The government’s priority is not life ”, said PT leader in the Senate, Rogério Carvalho (SE).



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