Racist competition in the clinic causes outrage

Racist competition in the clinic causes outrage

The Canadian province of British Columbia is being investigated in a hospital for allegations of racism. Doctors and nurses are said to have estimated the alcohol value of indigenous patients there and have placed bets on it.

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Doctors and nurses in Canada Province of British Columbia made the headlines because of a macabre competition. In at least one hospital in the region, hospital staff are said to have estimated the alcohol level of incoming indigenous patients and to have placed bets on it. The Ministry of Health of the Province of British Columbia in the west of the country announced on Friday.

“If that is true, it is intolerable, unacceptable and racist,” said Health Minister Adrian Dix. An investigation has been launched. It was not announced which clinic it was.

According to the allegations, the bets in the emergency room of the hospital are said to have run. The bet was made on patients where doctors and nurses assumed on arrival that they had indigenous roots. The winner was the one who was closest to the possible blood alcohol value determined later with his estimate.

Health minister expects further cases

As the British BBC reports, the participants are said to have named the game after the popular game show “The Price Is Right”. In the original complaint, a clinic was named. However, the investigation will now address racism allegations by employees across the healthcare system. Health Minister Dix expects further cases to come to light.

The complaint was filed by Daniel Fontaine, chairman of Métis Nation British Columbia, according to the BBC. Earlier, a hospital staff member mentioned the game across the street. Fontaine told the BBC that he was not surprised. The government had known for years that there was racism in the health system.

The current incidents caused outrage among other things in representing the interests of indigenous peoples. People with indigenous roots are “far too often victims of prejudice,” she said. There are always reports that hospitals refuse to treat seriously ill indigenous people because they are said to be “only” drunk.


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