Rising nurses’ wages? “Illusory”

Rising nurses' wages?

The president of the Conference of the cantonal directors of health considers that it is not serious to bring to the attention of the nurses a better salary situation.

© Florian Baertschiger
Lukas Engelberger, President of the Conference of Cantonal Health Directors.

The president of the Conference of cantonal directors of health said he was sensitive Thursday in the German press to the demand for health workers demanding better wages. But, according to him, there should be no illusions.

“Payroll costs account for the largest share of health care costs,” warns Lukas Engelberger in an interview with German newspapers in the Tamedia press group. It is not serious to hold nurses to an overall increase in salaries, he adds, especially since some salaries have already been increased significantly.

However, he believes that the nursing profession must remain attractive. “Continuing education opportunities are one element,” said the head of the cantonal health department in Basel-City. There is in particular the possibility of obtaining a master, he continues. “In the future we can transfer tasks from doctors to nurses”.

Lack in intensive care

These specialized caregivers would take on more demanding jobs and could improve their wages, according to him. The overall personnel costs are not expected to increase further, however, he warns.

“We must do more to promote the next generation. The number of employees in intensive care, in particular, is insufficient. Ideally, there should be a reserve of specialized personnel to be able to deploy it for intensive care if necessary, ”notes Lukas Engelberger. Members of such a team would receive a higher salary.

Regarding screening for the new coronavirus, the Basel official believes that anyone with symptoms should be able to be tested without hindrance, if possible without having to pay a deductible. The health insurers must intervene in this case, he believes.


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