RKI reports 537 new infections – more than one million infected in Brazil

RKI reports 537 new infections - more than one million infected in Brazil

Due to infections with the corona virus, several schools in Dortmund have to close until the summer holidays. A child at a primary school in Dortmund-Eving was tested positive. Contact tracking would have resulted in other cases. Source: WORLD

Local authorities reported 537 corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute within one day. This has been going on since the beginning of the Corona crisis 190,359 People in Germany proven to be infected with Sars-CoV-2, as reported by the RKI early Monday morning (data status June 22, midnight).

8885 According to RKI data, people infected with the virus died in Germany – an increase of 3 compared to the previous day. RKI estimates that around 175,300 people have survived the infection. That is 400 more than the day before.

The Number of reproductions, short R-value, rose to 2.88 (previous day: 1.79) according to RKI estimates with data as of June 21, midnight. This means that an infected person infects between two and three other people on average. The R value shows the infection process approximately one and a half weeks beforehand. The value is sensitive to short-term changes in the number of cases, for example caused by individual outbreaks, as the RKI explains. This can lead to relatively large fluctuations, especially when there is a small number of new cases.


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Since mid-May, the RKI has also been issuing a so-called seven-day R. It refers to a longer period and is therefore less subject to daily fluctuations. According to RKI estimates, this value rose to 2.03 as of June 21, 00:00 (previous day: 1.55). It shows the infection from eight to 16 days ago.

“Since the number of cases in Germany is low overall, these local outbreaks have a relatively strong impact on the value of the number of reproductions,” said the RKI. “Further developments will have to be observed over the next few days, especially with regard to the question of whether there will be an increase in the number of cases outside the outbreaks described,” said the RKI.

The number of new infections in the United States rose to the highest in weeks at the end of the week. According to the CDC epidemic, the number of people infected has increased by more than 30,000 for the second day in a row. More than two dozen US states reported more new infections than the previous day. The number of infected people rose by Monday afternoon, according to the Johns Hopkins University 2.28 Millions. 119,977 People have died from the corona virus.

In Latin America and the Caribbean The number of officially registered coronavirus infections increased to over two million at the weekend. A total of 2,007,621 confirmed cases were reported from the region on Saturday, according to an AFP payment. Over half of the cases were reported from Brazil. There, the mark of one million infections was officially exceeded on Friday.

The situation is also alarming Chile, where the number of corona deaths more than doubled and, according to the authorities, rose to 7144 on Saturday after previously only suspected corona deaths were included in the statistics. The authorities have given the total number of infections as more than 236,000.

In Mexico over 21,000 fatalities have been counted so far. With over 4,700 new infections within a day, the total number of infections there rose to 175,202 cases, according to the authorities. On Monday morning, the Johns Hopkins University for Mexico reported the number of 180,545 infections. Also Peru is one of the most affected countries in Latin America with more than 251,000 cases of infection and more than 7850 deaths.

Brazil has more than a million cases and more than 50,000 fatalities, according to official reports related to the novel corona virus. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths rose by 641 to 50,617 within 24 hours. A further 17,459 infections leave the total number of confirmed cases 1,085,038 climb. Brazil has the highest number of Covid-19 infections and respiratory deaths in the world after the United States. Health experts believe that the number of unreported cases could be much higher due to the lack of broad testing options.

Even the development in India gives cause for concern. The JHU now counts there overall 425.282 confirmed infections and 13,699 Dead. The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu will implement a cordon with strict restrictions on the auto city of Chennai and surrounding districts until June 30.

Is also badly affected by the pandemic Great Britain. According to Johns Hopkins, there were more than 305,803 Cases counted. Scarce 42,717 People died from Covid-19. The numbers in are significantly lower Francewhere until Monday morning more than 197.008 Infections and 29,643 Dead were confirmed.

The spanish Government has corrected the number of corona deaths significantly upwards to now 28,323 Deaths. In the meantime, the country counts only a few deaths every day. According to John Hopkins, infection has been demonstrated in Spain 246.272 People.

In Sweden more than 5,000 people infected with the corona virus have now died. The number of deaths recorded by the state health authority rose 5053. More than 56,000 Corona infections have so far been detected in the Scandinavian EU country.

For comparison: In the neighboring Denmark, where around half as many people live as in Sweden, have so far been scarce 12,600 Infections confirmed as well 600 Dead have been recorded.

Sweden had taken less stringent measures in the Corona crisis than any other European country. Here, too, certain corona restrictions apply to citizens, such as a ban on visiting old people’s homes or a maximum limit of 50 people for public meetings. Restaurants, pubs and cafés remained open all the time, as did schools and kindergartens.

Russia reported 7728 new coronavirus cases within 24 hours on Sunday. 109 other people have died. This increases the total number of deaths 8196, have proven to be infected in total in the country 591.465 People.

The national health commission in China reports 18 new confirmed coronavirus cases within 24 hours, nine of them in Beijing. The previous day, 26 cases had occurred, including 22 in the capital. According to official information, there are seven other asymptomatic cases that are not among the confirmed cases in China, as the infected people show no symptoms.

More than eight million cases worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports an overall record increase in worldwide coronavirus cases. According to official data, the total number of new infections increases by 183,020 within one day. To date, the largest increase since the outbreak of the virus was recorded on June 18 with 181,232 cases. According to the WHO’s daily report, North and South America reports the majority of new infections with over 116,000.

The number of worldwide registered coronavirus infections were over Monday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University 8.97 million. More than 468,700 People have already died from the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19.

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