Rob Manfred issues warning to players

Rob Manfred issues warning to players

Rob Manfred issues warning to players


The The players presented a schedule proposal to play 70 season games on Thursday. regular in major league baseball, a plan immediately rejected by Commissioner Rob Manfred.

The offer leaves a difference of 10 matches and about $ 275 million between the players and the owners, as part of the plan to start the campaign delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

A section of the union proposal proposes that players wear advertising patches on their uniforms during all duels for the first time in the history of the majors.

“This needs to be concluded,” Manfred said of the negotiation. “As long as I don’t speak to the owners, I can’t give them a firm deadline.”

Both sides glimpse that the preseason will resume on June 26. This would involve pitchers and catchers traveling on Monday for the start of medical tests the following day.

While the gap has narrowed, Both sides resist other concessions, and the march toward a deal remains uncertain and thorny.

We have presented Major League Baseball with a counterproposal that is underpinned by a 70-game season that, among other things, includes expanding the playoffs to both 2020 and 2021, “union chief Tony Clark said in a statement.” We believe this offer it represents the pillar for an agreement that allows games to resume. ”

After the commissioner Rob Manfred met Clark in Arizona for about five hours.MLB said Wednesday it had a draft agreement to run the campaign, although the union said there was no such deal.

We had a list of issues. We define the positions on each of those issues. Then we made negotiations and compromises on the issues, ”said Manfred.

At different times, we went back to the list with Tony and reviewed where we were. We did it again at the end of the meeting. We shook hands and agreed that we were going to … push, is the word, to push our parties to reach an agreement consistent with this framework. “

The approach of the MLB includes 60 regular season games that would mean $ 1.48 billion in wages, in addition to a $ 24 million fund for postseason players, a person with knowledge of the proposal told The Associated Press.

That person requested to remain anonymous, because the details of the proposal have not been announced. For the first time, Major League Baseball agreed to pay full, prorated salaries with games in parks with no public.

He was very clear in the fact that this was not going to be easy, and we both clearly understood that we needed the approval of our respective constituencies, ”said Manfred. “In fact, Tony informed me the night before that he couldn’t sell the proposal even to his subcommittee, so he wouldn’t go any further or seek a ballot vote or anything like that, since the subcommittee had rejected this.

Then he encouraged me to offer improvements to the proposal. I told him that I was not going to do that, but that if he could make any counterproposal, it was possible to address any issue. ”

The union’s proposal would contribute wages totaling $ 1.73 billion, plus a fund of 50 million to distribute for the postseason, sources close to that plan said.

In my consultations with Rob in Arizona, we explored a prorated payment draft, but I was repeatedly clear, at and after that meeting, that there are still several significant issues of what he proposed, in particular, the number of games, “he said. Clark.

It is unequivocally false to suggest that any tentative agreement or that any other agreement was reached at that meeting. In fact, in consultations the last 24 hours, Rob submitted a counterproposal for more games that he was going to forward to the owners. We have presented that counterproposal today. ”

Both Major League Baseball and the union propose to start the season on July 19.. According to the players, the campaign should end on September 30, three days after the owners’ proposal.

Players say pitchers and catchers will need to report to resume spring training on June 26. Two days later the rest of the players must do it.

Both sides propose expanding the use of the designated hitter to games involving National League teams and expanding the postseason to 16 clubs this year.



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