Schalke sports director Schneider calls “hardship application” a “capital own goal”

Schalke sports director Schneider calls

Sports director Jochen Schneider admits mistakes

Gelsenkirchen (SID) – Sports Director Jochen Schneider from Schalke 04 described the heavily criticized “hardship application” for ticket refunds as a big mistake. “It was a capital own goal. An incredible mistake,” said the 49-year-old at Sky.

“No Bundesliga club should do that and certainly not Schalke 04. Where people, fans, members, season ticket holders show so much love for the club. Such a mistake must not happen,” said Schneider. The topic has now been clarified internally.

Schneider also announced that he would learn from the incident. “We have to be more empathetic. It is also not common sense to communicate with the most loyal of the loyal. That is not possible, we have to learn from that. It will never happen again,” he says.

Schalke had created a form for fans who demand money back for paid tickets, which caused horror among numerous supporters. Among other things, the club asked – legally correct – why fans “absolutely now” needed the money. In addition, the club asked its fans “if possible” to include “appropriate supporting documents” as justification for the application.


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