see what you need to know today

see what you need to know today

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– Fábio Faria takes office this Wednesday as minister

This Wednesday, the Planalto Palace marked the inauguration ceremony of Deputy Fábio Faria (PSD-RN) as Minister of Communications. Although Faria is part of Centrão, Jair Bolsonaro has said that the appointment is his personal quota of nominations. (Via Estadão)

STF breaks bank secrecy of deputies from Bolsonar

Bolsonaro: ‘I will take legal measures to protect the Constitution’

Act in support of Weintraub has attacks on ministers

Maia sees Bolsonaro ‘more carefully’ in protests

PT defends extension of aid for another 1 year

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– Country has 1282 deaths in 24 hours and record of infected

Brazil registered 34,918 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday. It is the largest number ever confirmed in such a short period of time. In the same period, another 1,282 deaths were recorded. In total there are 45,241 victims of the disease in the country. (Via Poder360)

Covid-19: Rio’s state hospitals have less occupation

Senate approves reduction of hours and wages until the end of the year

After charges, Weintraub informs new dates for Sisu

Young black man found dead after being kidnapped


– Covid: study with corticosteroids reduced deaths by 1/3

English researchers announced that the application of a corticosteroid to patients hospitalized with covid-19 was able to reduce mortality rates by about 1/3 among the most serious cases of infection. (Via Estadão)

‘Recovered’ from Covid-19 experience symptoms for weeks

Use of masks can ‘prevent 2nd wave’ of Covid-19

Ministry rehired more than 500 Cuban doctors


– Trump signs law to reform police system

Donald Trump signed the decree authorizing changes to the U.S. police system. The law prohibits suffocation by agents, such as the one used by George Floyd and which inspired the demonstrations. (Via RedeTV!)

North Korea blows South relations office

China and India: what’s behind the deaths of 20 soldiers

Beijing Covid-19 outbreak warns Europe

How New Zealand controlled Covid’s progress


– Bolsonaro sanctions law that vetoes water and electricity cuts

President Jair Bolsonaro signed a law that prohibits the shutdown of public services, such as water and electricity, on Fridays, weekends and holidays. The text states that the service provider must make a prior communication and that the cut must be during business hours. (Via RedeTV!)

Brazil gained 1 million unemployed in May

Brazil should recover slower than 90% of countries

Azul and Latam agree to share flights


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