Separation from friend Marco Mirwald

Separation from friend Marco Mirwald

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Chethrin Schulze

Chethrin Schulze is single again. The reality TV star is talking about the separation from on-off friend Marco Mirwald for the first time on his Instagram account.

Enthusiastic at the beginning of the year Chethrin Schulze, 27, with impressions from their Mexico vacation together with a friend Marco Mirwald. Now, however, she confirms the love off. “The past few months have been very difficult for me. It was a really shitty time that I went through,” admits the 27-year-old on her Instagram profile and announces: “I am officially and a thousand percent single like a pringle!”

Chethrin Schulze is looking for a new man

Since summer 2018, she and Marco have been a couple. There had been hints that things weren’t always going well between the two. It remains to be seen whether the separation of the on-off couple is now final.

At least the two seem to have separated for the better. “I just want to say: there is no war of roses with me, everything is great, you have done no harm, if it does not fit, then it does not fit,” Chethrin continues. There is still no new man by her side, but she is already on the lookout.

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