She is her only wedding guest

She is her only wedding guest

is called. But not only the marriage itself came much faster than expected, its nature also caused great astonishment: no pomp, no illustrious crowd of guests, only a wedding guest attended the great moment. And then there was the outfit! A bride in snow white? Not even close!In the video above you can experience which beautiful dress Laura had chosen for her wedding day. Who would have expected that?

Will Michael Wendler’s church wedding become a major media event?

A wedding without guests doesn’t really fit the Wendler. But everything is still open. The church wedding will follow in a few weeks – in Las Vegas with live broadcast on RTL. Many expect that the spectators will experience the lush contrast program for the secret mini-wedding here. Since surprises are always possible with Michael Wendler, we are simply looking forward to what may come.

And maybe we will still see a bride in white after all? The following video proves that Laura would also make a brilliant figure in it.

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