Sunflowers or daisies? This Pull and Bear dress knows which print will succeed in summer

Sunflowers or daisies? This Pull and Bear dress knows which print will succeed in summer

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Pull and Bear floral dress. (Courtesy)

We all witnessed how the season spring Summer Last year it was dominated by floral daisy prints. The firms went out of their way with this new trend that triumphed among the style prescribers and took out countless garments adorned by this print that conquered us with its touch naive.Although there have been several stores that have opted to keep daisies alive in our closet this year, Pull and bear has decided to take a turn and take out some spectacular clothes with a sunflowers floral print, and yes, they are as fabulous as you imagine them.

The person in charge of discovering what can become a summer super-trend has been María Fernández-Rubíes. Specifically, there have been three publications on Instagram that have made us fall madly in love with the proposals of the firm of Inditex.

Since she announced her pregnancy, we have not missed one of her posts to witness that turn that will undoubtedly give her content once she joins the mothers influencers. However, we have no doubt that the style and its looks will never disappear from the profile where it accumulates a whopping more than 587,000 followers.

Thus, with fluid and fresh designs, María Pombo’s close friend enjoys her fifth month of pregnancy and shows us that the sunflowers of Pull and Bear They are a must have definitive for this and the next season.

A lesson in style with which we agree after evaluating the paneled midi dress, with V-neckline and armhole sleeves adorned by ruffles (26 euros). It is a colorful, cheerful and very comfortable design that looks great with a mustard short-sleeved shirt just like Rubies has worn it.

However, if wearing a single piece of floral print does not go much with your style, you can bet on the midi skirt (23 euros) of the same ‘print’. It is a perfect garment for day to day that you can combine with infinity of shirts, tops and blouses.

Also, we are fascinated by the trend of pareo cross design because it gives it that fluidity and vaporousness that we enjoy so much when walking. A detail that has been accompanied by a beautiful ruffle detail in the front opening and that still gives plus style.

Sunflower skirt by Pull and Bear. (Courtesy)

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Sunflower skirt by Pull and Bear. (Courtesy)

Sunflower skirt by Pull and Bear. (Courtesy)

Given the success of Pull and bear With its sunflower print, we would not be surprised if the rest of the Inditex firms succumbed to this trend and rained on such ideal garments as these. A effect domino stylistic that we long to enjoy.


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