Sweden’s epidemiologist practices self-criticism – “too many died too soon”

Sweden's epidemiologist practices self-criticism -

The Swedes trust him in the Corona crisis: epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. He was instrumental in the special path of the Swedish government. But now he admitted that he was wrong in his predictions. Source: WELT / Laura Fritsch

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has shown himself for the first time to be self-critical about the Swedish special path in the Corona crisis. Sweden should have taken more measures in the fight against the spread of the corona virus right from the start, Tegnell said in an interview with the Swedish radio.

“I believe that there is certainly room for improvement in what we did in Sweden, clearly. And it would have been good if you had known more exactly what to close to better prevent the spread of infection. ”Too many Swedes had died too soon.

According to Tegnell, if one were to come across the same disease with the current state of knowledge, the correct path would lie between the Swedish and the one that the rest of the world had taken.

It is difficult to say which measures in other countries would have had the greatest effect against the coronavirus pandemic, since these countries had taken many measures at the same time.

Tegnell is responsible for the Swedish strategy against the pandemic. The Scandinavian EU country had taken significantly more permissive measures than Germany or the rest of Europe. Schools, restaurants or shops, for example, were never closed, the ban on meetings is limited to a maximum of 50 participants, an entry ban only applies to people outside the EU and the European Free Trade Association.

With today's knowledge, Tegnell would go a mix of the Swedish path and that the rest of the world had taken

With today’s knowledge, Tegnell would go a mix of the Swedish path and that the rest of the world had taken

Death rates still high in comparison

Many in the country approved the chosen path, but little by little the criticism increased – above all because the Infection and death numbers per inhabitant in Sweden compared to the rest of Scandinavia and also to Germany are still high.

So far, almost 4500 people with corona infection have died in the country with just over ten million inhabitants, so far there have been around 39,000 positive corona cases.


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