Swiss soldier arrested suspected murderer

Swiss soldier arrested suspected murderer

As part of army border support during the epidemic, a soldier seized an internationally wanted man.

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The anonymity of the soldier who arrested the alleged criminal has been preserved. But his courage was praised at the end of mission ceremony for the Walenstadt Infantry Battalion 65.

The Walenstadt Infantry Battalion 65 (SG) was deployed to the Swiss border to assist customs officials during the semi-containment period. During this period, a soldier got hold of an internationally wanted individual. For murder, according to “BlickWho revealed the information.

The customs where this arrest took place is not specified. But the soldier noticed an individual during a patrol night. When he tried to control him, he attacked him, confirmed battalion spokesman Felix Blumer said, “20 minutes” The soldier then took out his pepper spray and managed to arrest his assailant.

Courage congratulated

The neutralized man was released to customs and it later turned out that this alleged criminal was the subject of an international search warrant. Solicited by “Blick”, neither the customs nor the army declined to disclose more details about this astonishing arrest.

Battalion 65 was the last to be deployed to the borders. His mission is now over. As part of the end of mission ceremony on Tuesday, the battalion commander paid tribute to the courage of the soldier who arrested the person sought.

630 men and women of this battalion mainly made up of Zurich residents had assisted customs officers in the canton of Geneva, in Ajoie (JU) and in the Basel region.


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