Ten Quick Weight Loss Tricks That Work

Ten Quick Weight Loss Tricks That Work

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One of the most common wishes among people trying to slim down is to get it quickly. That is, if you can lose five kilos in two weeks, instead of in a month, much better. A theory that directly contradicts what is recommended by doctors and nutritionists, who mostly agree that losing weight little by little is healthier than do it fast.However, for those who do not have time to lose because they want to eliminate the excess kilos as soon as possibleThere are some strategies that may work. Weight loss tips that allow you to show off a perfect body as soon as possible, reducing the fat present in the body and achieving the target set in record time.

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Inés GutiérrezTo lose weight you have to spend time, now how much? We will tell you

The first is maintain a constant calorie deficit. The reason is that if we don’t burn more calories than we eat, it will be difficult (or almost impossible) to lose weight. It is useless to burn 2000 calories doing sports if later we eat 3,000 calories. Therefore, the first thing is to choose the right food and do enough sport to feel full, even though you consume less calories than you burn.

Strategies to lose weight fast

The next step is reduce the number of calories we eat. But that does not mean eating less, but eating differently. Nutritionist Jenna Hope explains to T3 that “healthy fats and proteins promote more stable blood glucose levels, keeping you fuller.” So choosing the foods you will get the most calories correctly is critical to success.

Combining diet and sport is essential to achieve the goal of losing weight

It is also important do not completely eliminate any food group of our diet. According to nutritionist Isabel Butler, “the best way to reduce weight and maintain yourself is to follow a diet Balanced and healthy, without rejecting any food group. “Therefore, carbohydrates are not bad, you just have to take them with caution. Also, it is good to choose complex carbohydrates like whole grains or legumes instead of simple carbohydrates like sugar as they release energy more slowly and are healthier.

However, it is not always possible to carry out all these steps at the same time, so a solution would go through the food substitutes. Whether through protein shakes, energy bars, or other substitutes, these products help control the number of calories eaten in a meal and, at the same time, guarantee its nutritional value.

Sport is essential to lose weight (Photo: Pixabay)

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Sport is essential to lose weight (Photo: Pixabay)

Sport is essential to lose weight (Photo: Pixabay)

Basically, these are strategies that can be used by everyone to lose weight, although some people prefer to do it in one way and others in a different way. For example, some people decide on the intermittent fasting: it is a matter of condensing all the food that will be eaten throughout the day in an eight-hour window, so the rest of the day is fasted. It is known as the 16: 8 diet, although another version is the 5: 2 diet, where you normally eat for five consecutive days and reduce your caloric intake to the maximum the other two days of the week. Of course, to carry out this type of diet it is essential to consult beforehand with an expert in nutrition so that he can inform us how we can apply intermittent fasting in our case.

The importance of sport

All experts agree that exercise is vital for lose weight, but not always taken into account. So they recommend increase calorie burning through sports. Not only is it essential to lose weight, but it will also make us feel better about ourselves, since it helps us to have more will power, which, in passing, will help us face our diet.

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A. López

This 22-year-old is an example of improvement. After eating processed foods and a lot of sugar, he decided to change and in just eight months he managed

But what sport to do? It is always said that the best is the one with which we feel comfortable and like, but the experts of T3 go one step further: in addition to cardio, focus on weight training. The reason is that, with strength training we continue to burn calories once the exercise is finished, making it ideal in any process of weight loss.

It is also recommended change the intensity of workouts. Alternating between aerobic sport (jogging, cycling or swimming) and anaerobic sport (faster running or weight training) is very interesting as it helps the body vary in how it burns calories. Getting a smartwach will help us control the heart rate to know how our body responds to effort.

Strength training with weights is the best way to lose weight quickly

Finally, two very simple strategies: drink more water and less alcohol, since we need the body to be constantly hydrated and, if possible, without consuming empty calories; and keep track of our progress, since it will help us not to decline in the final goal of losing weight, but also to identify some problems that we may have in order to lose weight.


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