TEPJF ratifies sanction against the ‘Bronco’ for use of public resources in 2018

TEPJF ratifies sanction against the 'Bronco' for use of public resources in 2018

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With this resolution, the Congress of Nuevo León is obliged to resume the discussion of the sanctions that it will impose on Jaime Rodríguez Calderón and his government secretary.

By instructions of the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF), the Congress of Nuevo León must sanction Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón for the use of public resources to obtain citizen signatures, with which he managed to contend independently the Presidency of the Republic in 2018. The above after the decision of the Superior Chamber of the Court -issued this Wednesday-, which supported the sanctions previously ordered by the Specialized Regional Chamber around the so-called ‘bronchofirms’.

Although the government secretary of Nuevo León, Manuel Florentino González Flores, is also involved in the case, since the collection of signatures was carried out during his administration as an interim, the Superior Chamber supported that local legislators must exhaust the procedure. “In the case of the government secretary, Manuel Florentino González Flores, he must also exhaust the procedure, impose the respective sanction and, in that case, execute it,” the Court stated. However, this does not exempt González Flores from a sanction, since the Superior Chamber declared unfounded the argument that the process is being held by both the Supreme Court and the Administrative Court of Justice of the state because of COVID-19, and that therefore sanctions cannot be imposed. This after the secretary of the Government of Nuevo León filed two appeals before said organisms to stop the sanctions against him and Rodríguez Calderón. ‘González Flores argued that the suspension of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) was violated, however, the approach was considered inadmissible as it was not within the competence of this judicial body, since the competent authority to make such pronouncement would be the plenary of the Court.

It should be recalled that last March, the Regional Specialized Chamber declared that the Congress of Nuevo León had not imposed the sanctions ordered, but, due to the health emergency, it determined the temporary suspension and set a new date to comply with the order, which has already expired : April 24. “(For) this, the determinations to be observed by the Local Congress were confirmed, specifying that this legislative body must act in compliance with the various resolutions with respect to which it is linked,” the TEPJF pointed out. With the resolution of the Court, the Congress of Nuevo León must resume the procedure to determine the sanctions – and comply with them – against the ‘Bronco’ and its government secretary. In accordance with the resolution of the Regional Specialized Chamber, both officials used public and human resources to collect the signatures that allowed Rodríguez Calderón to be an independent candidate for the Presidency in 2018.

The investigations showed that in that period – in which González Flores was interim governor – 595 employees of the state administration were used to collect, during working hours, signatures in favor of the ‘Bronco’. Last week, the Nuevo Leon Congress discussed the sanctions it will impose for this case. However, almost 12 hours passed and the benches failed to reach an agreement. The two opinions that were analyzed, and rejected the same day, were:
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